Sarah Zins Teach+Train+Tutor came about when I moved to Minneapolis and started searching for work teaching English to speakers of other languages. I was networking like crazy, getting applications out all over the place, and volunteering in classrooms. Like most people, though, I needed to get paid. And I had all kinds of creative avenues in teaching and training that I wanted to explore.

After sending off a very long, detailed explanation of my vocabulary teaching method to some grad school friends back in San Francisco, I realized there was tons of other stuff I wanted to share. Here on this site I share what I know, what I'm learning, and what others can tell us about teaching, training, and tutoring. I'm trained and experienced teaching English (ESOL) to adults, and I'm also interested in adult learning and development, vocational training, and corporate training. 


All photography and content on this site is by me, Sarah Zins, unless otherwise noted. If you'd like to use any content from this site, contact me.